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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tilton ambassador toity hotel points pushers and i would prince original disciplined in touch with the who turned into a church group who took a guru girl international house the chief every green laurel her till. the. breaking news from r t a frantic search for survivors is a pleasure cruiser on the river volga sinks with nearly two hundred. republic of. the day sank in just three minutes leading days on board little time to react one hundred people that still this day will be bringing you the latest developments from the it's. also become this hour of power in our top stories of the week recap spy hunter in georgia or is it charges high profile photographers was snooping for moscow but skeptics say it's an anti russian image boosted by president saakashvili
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. stare mode deja vu for angry gyptian as they return to tahrir square to vent against the interim leaders who basically stole the revolution. and behold the front page britain's best selling newspaper rolls out for the last time as rupert murdoch sacrifices the title of phone hacking claims and reports arrests intensify. welcome kevin only watching r.t. and starting with our developing story this sunday tragedy in central russia tonight as more than one hundred people who want to river cruise in central russia refused to drown their boat sank on the river vulgar and cut a stand in just three minutes with nearly two hundred people on board at the time so. for those who were rescued and taken to
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a nearby ship of ridged these latest pictures will go through clear distrust of course after what we've just gone through he said the stupid boat sank is the same within three minutes of getting into difficulty tonight diving battling in the dark waters of the volga river to find the many not yet found to refer to the front of. the hopes of finding those not yet a country for it's what i found from my sense that this. will this happen to t.p.m. all states and so is every hour is going to oversee concerns full days here and they missed a growing now the rescue operation has been working extremely hard at the scene we need to take and not just pick up the seventy seven people who are now in. the hundred people still missing and we've heard from eyewitnesses that there were around thirty children on pause he was still at the time that the ship went down the ring on the. having games and of course as we've heard three
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minutes that was all it took for that shit to staying say extreme concerns about the fact that it doesn't look likely that these children had pontiacs as many of the passengers all say that it had very little time indeed to react ending up in the water and there's hundreds of people still missing amongst and they say. it's still unknown exactly where we are where they are we first heard reports about possibility today his sons the show islands that was headed by that we've actually heard some of the people actually it's quite a distance when the giftie columbus's often say as the night wears on the rescue operation continues looking like the death toll we've already had one confirmed does that surprise that we've heard from a local correspondent in the area about the ongoing rescue mission. when you know the emergencies ministry has created a special place to investigate the reasons behind the incident the rescue mission is underway. and will continue throughout the night rebalance to which people may
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have been able to swim too far from where the bullets went down but soon currents are making the search mission increasingly difficult because people may have been swept several kilometers away. but that has been one confirmed dead and we stirred the seventy six people who survived they've all been picked up by the rescue operation that was dispatched when the days they were put on to possibly there has continued to take his than others the original destination of the called area passenger ship that sank and we can hear from the emergencies ministry about that. rescue teams left for the scene as soon as reports came in all those who were immediately rescued were taken to another ship that was standing close by but it's not the right thing because some people managed to swim towards nearby islands when i was searching for them one woman has died another man is in hospital with injuries so
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if you some people have been seeing. how the rescue operation continuing throughout the night the divers are working at the scene the emergency is going to status but dispatched very quickly when they had to ship the stuff we've also heard from president but they did did an investigation will be launched in the emergency has made its case the special department to investigate that because of course i was there looking for dates of the missing those a lot of questions now about exactly what happened here what role yet only doing so she's saying but this is a boat isn't it work these waters for many many years of the running closest to what went so badly wrong. well we've heard from some eyewitnesses that area of boulder is actually being dangerous but the plates that they caught the storm conditions the strong currents the strong winds and it possibly that contributed now the place itself is actually about fifty five years old and that's been some
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people he said that perhaps the age of the basis of the design structures is that they could have contributed to this happening we've also heard reports from those on board perhaps is something that we and the cats and himself did see how the situation deteriorated rapidly as it did the breaking down in just a minute the some people the way the situation was handled contributed to that happening people on board having very very little time to react. yet exactly what happened what are the cream and. for that they even failed that there was actually a problem with the engine and that possibly this is going to come down to. the investigation and that will be ongoing but huge concerns as the rescue mission goes on as it turns into the night and the conditions only get harder to find these people amongst a large number of children to see everyone taping. not of course for the family and friends of the dead lady also of course people missing tonight sort of thank you
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bring you some today the developments as you're getting on one of these a changing quickly appreciated let me give you some background on this but what we know about it was a pleasure cruise or that had been used for years for going to trips and the weekend breaks along the fold river is a drug. to picture of it it's called a bold carry it was built back in one nine hundred fifty five in czechoslovakia then it had seating aboard for one hundred fifty one hundred forty passengers it could reach speeds of nearly twelve knots pleasure really which is. something we both know also restaurants and bars aboard it provided to train. and as well since most trips lasted a few days at a time that's a big ol stretch of river down there it's been suggested that the bowl gary is engine weren't working properly at the time of the act that has been heard there from there that's not yet confirmed. in
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ga three high profile photographers have been charged for spying for moscow tbilisi claims it has video confessions proving their guilt but skeptics a police on a witch hunt to score political points of his time bought reports on what's being seen as anti russian hype georgia is on a spy role and not for the first time this time the spotlight in shined on those usually behind the camera for photographers were arrested on thursday on suspicion of spying who was there suppose it must but first georgian authorities didn't say they thought the alleged spies were working for a day later they did russia inter moscow has accused george of paranoid the georgians are so quick to stick a spy label on to anyone they guess is just a level of democracy and it has been noticed not just by russia but the various key international organizations like the un one of the photographers who was released without charge the other three were charged with espionage and will remain in
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pretrial custody for two months one of them has gone on hunger strike in protest. however georgian president mikheil saakashvili is personal photographer has reportedly made a video confession admitting to spying for russian opposition figures are skeptical he worked out and i think not the only think that actually like you and they had already come out shouting george you're trying to time we're repeating that you know i can reach one hundred seven no real when we go out and then we never go any kind of real human patients but government thank you this isn't the first time this has happened last year thirteen people were arrested and accused of being on russia's payroll earlier this week nine of them received sentences of up to fourteen years in prison for the georgian government this is a matter of national security but others in georgia are very critical of what they see as particular political calculation if you are into iraq surely you were
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always there if you are always there and. if you want to go to. some right because it really isn't a russian who's never decided. who are slightly why it was that if you're going. to policing must know deal with the most serious patients sport it has a neighbor with its relations are rock bottom and it has some men in jail but many are questioning whether this is real justice or. somebody. problem is going to sack any member of the security forces accused of killing protesters during the uprising that toppled former president hosni mubarak a statement comes after thousands of egyptians turned out for the biggest rally in months angered over the slow pace of prosecuting officials and reforms and people say they'll keep fighting until we see change but he's in this and now he's at the
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scene. egypt's uprising might have ousted president mubarak but to them he's far from gone thousands of people out here on top here they all see different visions of egypt but big time together because the people we've spoken to feel like their revolution has been stolen we go through the boat so the more people should just go away from where the taste of freedom was short lived the military is in full power mass media is being choked in a passion still rampant worse than before i think they werent catching activists as much as they are doing now. to prison i guess now they're being greedy violent they want to kill you would have believed this tool that in the first place he's known simply as hostile here in egypt a social network or with a twitter army of some thirty thousand followers the military thought it was of civilians have to stop immediately immediately this is you know one of the major
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demands we're putting forward one of many demands including transparent trials for the fallen regime and the purging of corrupt officials they got rid of mubarak you know their high ranking officials but now egypt the same way it was before january surprise that little officials little mubarak so many in the lorax rather what you're saying then you are running the country people like myself have been arguing for taking all the factors they can behind you to the universities and you to the work places meaning that in every single word police we have an egypt that is amenable now where it was never interested in politics in till january she was shot with twenty three pellets by riot police twenty of which are still in her like the pain is finally gone but her perseverance is not a barrier of the fear is gone. and she will continue to fight
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to the end. every every egyptian citizen to be treated as a human being every protester has their own vision of the egypt they're fighting for some want a constitution and then free elections others think the new laws should follow the vote but one thing that brings them all together is that this egypt is not the end and he said no way are cheap cairo. coming up in the program just before the anniversary of europe's massacre since last year a team travels to thread with. justice a special report coming. rebels in libya of battling past government forces on the road to tripoli they're now moving towards the key turn of lip after a six week long impasse but the capital still remains over one hundred fifty kilometers away the rebel say their progress has been slow because of a lack of ammunition and nato support the alliance has been running low on weapons
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in his push against gadhafi forces this hours germany for missions martin. from the group research on globalization told us that late that members broke international law by supplying weapons to rebels in libya in the first place. to get few years via violating the nation's sanction as well as international law there's something called the a t t and only the eighty t.v. cannot supply arms to the rebels this is not new news even he'd been saying this from march they've even sending arms to the rebels whatever you want to call them the transitional council forces revolutionaries whatever you want to call them they are a minority and they are being armed by the outside in some cases they are better weapons in the actual living military right now i don't see need or winning unless dean feed or they continue to arm the rebels. the u.s. has announced today it's pulling the plug on almost eight hundred million dollars
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of military aid to pakistan relations between the two countries have been strained since and some of the largest killing in may two thousand and more about this is told to journalist mcrae she's joining us on the line from islamabad. other secret she thanks for being on r.t. international now the u.s. calls pakistan doesn't have an important ally in the war on terror so what's gone wrong. i think we're seeing strong signs off united states getting really frustrated with the situation in the promise that in the past few days we've seen. we've seen signs and actions on the part of the united states that are really being described by fox and the officials. who are in terms of diplomacy for example we've seen. constant reports in mainstream media in particular in the near and finds them because we. really talking about issues that pertain to talks and that's to politics for example the murder of a journalist and we've seen of course admiral mike mullen no less than the chairman
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joint chiefs coming out to actually talks and produce services behind it i mean things that you really wouldn't expect in a relationship as important as this one so i think what you're seeing is that the americans are are now really very first created with the situation in the understand and i think they would like to see the practice sort of giving up on some off their positions and just getting in line with whatever news has in its plans of congress not going to have any public view us and saying that the relationship between the two countries was so on over the top is not how or is it just for the press to think i'm going to play to make a happen if it is. i don't think we're seeing any signs that the u.s. officials are really sincere about need a new solution should. as a relationship between the two independents are because they would like to work together they're really very strong it was agreed with it's a story about cutting off eight hundred million dollars they're saying that since
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they are more than a third of its unknowns actually does not include its money owed by the u.s. government in the u.s. military to pakistani military for use in box and facilities in the honest i mean that's number one ever to the united states or close to eight billion dollars for similar usage of the military facilities for the government and that this money has not really been paid and it's overdue by almost a year now and i mean the officials and politicians have been constantly reminding the american through like it was about this and we know that the americans are using delay tactics now for example if you come down to a couple of more details for example they're saying there were holding some of the equipment that was supposed to go up to we wait for the record that we're on board or they're saying now since talks now would not give these is to do with trainers there's no need for the equipment also to go and of course this does not make sense for smallpox when is it in terms of the americans going to train our elite group
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who is training officers from a dozen or so countries with really training from the u.s. military recruitment and if you're sincere about the war on terror you need to send that equipment that's not happening so really there are a number of things that really raise question marks on the u.s. output it does look like america's flexing its monetary muscle or to try and make pakistan be less vocal in his criticism of washington how is this going to go down in pakistan. well i must tell you there's. a ten years ago. it was really very hard to find a clean clean sheet in pakistan criticizing the united states it was it was taken for granted if you're criticizing the u.s. you must be some radical extremist but today you have people from the upper classes of pakistan really lead and very very critical of the united states so i think there's something really wrong and i think. responsibility also on the on the
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u.s. media to convey the right church to the american people you know which is unfortunately they're not doing very much telling the whatever. line of the government so i think i don't see in the near future many of these serious differences between pakistan and the united states. or i could have the two in this week ratio and one from islam about thanks for an autopsy. so look at some of the stories now the stories that shaped the week from out say of the former pows general accused of ordering the massacre is likely to have a new legal team to represent them at the hague. disrupted the second hearing rating judges for not allowing him to have his lawyers present but many serbs feel the notorious general's trial will not bring full justice. over reports. liquid a little town of sleeping meets in bosnia and herzegovina looks it illich new houses are being built people go about their business and in the center of the town
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a mosque and a church sit side by side but this apparent unity is an illusion sixteen years ago the entire region most want to part by ethnic clashes during the war and seventy became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces today a memorial for the deceased sits on the grounds of a former un military base a sort of balance in a moral ground as well maintained are frequently visited by locals journalists and tourists who get lost in the bosnian capital of what the tourists are shown are the thousands of serbian graves that run cemeteries all around the region. where. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. but senators like these have been tara families of murdered serb civilians only get those that are the very few remaining survivors granny comes here all the time his
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entire family lives here he says bosnian muslim general is responsible so you will be no i was only nine years old when the sorority's took away everything i had in life the first to kill my mother and then my father and brother i was wounded and taken captive they held me for fifty six days and only god knows how or why i survived. but even the one to survive his loss just like that thousands of people here is being ignored. each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the end me and about thirty other witnesses were simply cast aside they didn't call us didn't ask what happened to our families and the tribunal only gave him two years in prison. the bulk of the force are his atrocities visited an old sites and perpetrated by all players but the version most often propagated labor stream media is rather one sided in blaming the serves the
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purpose is to. create a rationale for so called. interventions which. occurred in considerable number. of circuits that so-called precedent can be traced through the years into today's headlines was an iraq afghanistan and most recently libya gold plate unwilling hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is very important in the creation of the. scenario for make sure in the minds of most people. was. which was proven but for whatever reasons the so-called international community do anything about it. some might say the journey from serving its it to benghazi
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via baghdad and kabul could now be traced as a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there is only one possible destinations karina's or about r t bosnia and herzegovina. well more now on our main story this hour the tragedy in central russia after a pleasure cruise has sunk with almost two hundred on board in the river vulgar and . more than one hundred people are still missing that rescue divers will continue searching throughout the night is the latest we're being told dozens of people who are immediately rescued were taken to a nearby vessel though no arrived ashore in cars than as you can see here concerned friends and relatives gathered at the dock side obviously a very worried about. trying to get more news about their relatives and friends that may not have come back the rescue people were met by police and medical crews and taken for treatment most clearly in distress of course by what they've been through the vessel itself was called the ball carrier reportedly sank within three
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minutes of getting into difficulty three kilometers from the shore when it went down in water that was about twenty meters deep it is thought to have been carrying people on a weekend sightseeing break and it was indeed on route itself to i would this is say a storm is likely to blame for the sinking but it is early days others suggest the failure of a boat engines although that's not been confirmed. took minister to governments admitted that a series of explosions that shook the city of down occurred in every nation the blast first killed fifteen according to official reports now initially authorities said it was an incident at a fireworks factory and that there were no casualties but that contradicted eyewitness pictures and reports that around two hundred were killed and scores injured it's understood that the officials responsible for giving out false public information of being sacked turkmenistan as long going to very secretive state even the internet was banned until recently repair works are on the way now in the stricken town and with victims of being promised government day.
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britain the scandal plagued news of the world newspapers rolled off the presses for the last time its final edition was apologetic but defiant after being hastily closed by rupert murdoch this week the embattled media mogul flew into london to take charge of the crisis which engulf the paper added parent company gives international its claim to journalists hacked the phones of murder victims and dead soldiers families police made a number of arrests on friday including a former editor of the paper which served as the u.k. prime minister's press chief media analyst phil reece rupert murdoch's now lost his long standing immunity on this politically. i think something changed this week you know for decades british prime ministers have been only needs to get to the murdoch press because they knew that when the sun which is its main daily newspaper in britain when the sun supported a british politician running for prime ministership you know they want me and then you find them in next day you find that prime minister reading the sun looking like
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an idiot saying well the sun got me elected i mean so you've got this meaning of british democracy is it missing of democracy really which the murdoch press with it back on but i think there was a for silence as well because important people needed the murdoch press and they couldn't be they couldn't attack it because of that and i think a line was crossed rupert murdoch has a very finely tuned is. he has a lot of things going on now one of them is to purchase the largest satellite network in britain called the sky b. and that decision is about to be approved by the government that was in jeopardy i think he felt that as a businessman he had to sacrifice the news of the world because it in terms of the whole news international it's a tiny part of all that the political cast had been sucking up to rupert murdoch for so many years including prime minister david cameron he now has to stand back and say no i can't do it anymore it's gone too bad. ok it was one story that's
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dominating our news you can see on the bottom of your screen in red it's the breaking news of the tragedy in central russia after a pleasure cruiser saturn and sank with almost two hundred on board in the revolver into. more than one hundred people are still missing tonight rescue divers are continuing to search throughout the night in those dark and waters of the volga dozens of people remediate rescued were taken to a nearby vessel they've now arrived to shore in khazan as you can see here in these pictures anxious friends and relatives gathered at the dockside for the first survivors were brought to shore most clearly in distress of course they were met by police and medical crews and taken for treatment the vessel itself called the ball garia reportedly sank within three minutes of getting into difficulty it was three kilometers from the shore when it went down and it's thought to be in carrying people on a weekend sightseeing break itself it was on route to eye witnesses say a storm could have caused the same key right now investigators are also considering a number of other possibilities too including faulty equipment or whether the boat maybe have been overcrowded and no conclusions being drawn yet because as we get
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more on that story we'll bring you up to date here on r.t. from moscow stay with us. stay with us. twenty years ago in the largest country in. the certificates of.
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